Hey, I’m Jen! I’m a legal secretary, farm owner, homemaker, wildland firefighter, photographer (not professionally), and blogger. A little bit of everything!

That’s exactly what this blog is about: a little bit of everything. Maybe I should say a little bit of “most” things. 😉  I want to be able to share all the tips, experiences and information I learn and come across about simplicity, organization, recipes, beauty tips, greener living, DIY, and saving money to help people out and have fun while doing it, of course!

I’ve been really into learning about all the bad chemicals we put on our skin on a daily basis. I’ve been trying to switch to more natural makeup and making my own lotions and potions, which I will blog about!

I also love, love, love learning about ways to simplify my life and organize everything. I am by no means great at either of those things (lol), but I definitely get motivated and give ‘er at times!

I am a very friendly person and would love to hear from you! Yes, you! Leave me a comment or a question and I would love to help you out (if I can). Be sure to follow my page so you don’t miss out on any posts!!

I am a Christian and would appreciate no vulgar language on this blog. I reserve the right to delete any comments. Also, everything I post is my own personal opinion. Please see my disclaimer page. Thank you! add another page.


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