Homemade Coffee Sunflower Lotion

I literally just fell in love with my new lotion recipe! After some research, I found that my favorite oil, Coconut, isn’t the only oil that’s great for our skin! Enter…Sunflower Oil. It contains vitamin E that is known to be very beneficial for our beautiful skin! Continue reading


DIY Coffee Face Scrub


This short post shows you how to use up your used coffee grounds from your morning coffee. With only three ingredients, you can create a great homemade facial scrub with ingredients good for your skin. (Plus it smells great!) Continue reading

Homemade Lotion…My new favorite recipe!!!

lotion1 (1)
I figured out the secret to making homemade lotion feel like “real” lotion without a bunch of chemicals! It’s not really a secret, but it’s information that I never knew until recently. The secret is……………emulsifying wax! It helps bind water and oil together. Also, stearic acid. It gives your lotion the white/pearly look. It’s okay to skip the stearic acid if you didn’t have it or didn’t want it.

This lotion does not have that greasy feeling. It soaks into your skin really well Continue reading