DIY: Updating Old Kitchen Appliances

Updating Old Kitchen Appliances

I wanted to update my very old, very plain KitchenAid mixer. I found some vinyl polka-dots and decided to give this old beast a makeover. I love the results and find myself wanting to use it a lot more. My husband appreciates this! 😉

To do:
1. Buy a some vinyl polka-dots, or any kind of vinyl stickers you choose.

2. Clean your appliance and let it dry.

3. Start placing the stickers anywhere you please (okay, not anywhere. Lets try to keep them on the appliance for now!)

That’s it! It’s that simple. Vinyl is pretty durable, so you can lightly hand wash your mixer as spills or splatters occur with just water and maybe some mild soap. Also, you can remove the stickers whenever you want with no evidence of them ever being there! How neat is that!?

Has anyone else tried to update any kitchen appliances?


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